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Each year, the Millennium Campus Conference brings 1,000 students together to explore new ways to tackle extreme poverty. We believe students are well-positioned to adopt new ideas and put them into action to combat poverty.

This year, MCC2012 wants to showcase the best ideas from student and young adult leaders across the world whose innovative products are making a difference in people’s lives right now. This exhibition will not only allow students the opportunity to display their work for peers from around the world, but also give them a chance to compete for possible funding to expand their work. A panel of judges from the fields of engineering, business, and development will evaluate projects for Design, Impact, and Sustainability. The winners may receive a prize to further their work.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?
You can register by filling out and submitting the form above.

What are the judging criteria?
Projects will be graded based on Design; Sustainability (Social, Environmental, and Financial); and Impact. Precise details will be provided to accepted participants.

What are the benefits for participating?
The competition is an opportunity to present your innovation to 1,000 students and development professionals from around the world. Teams will be able to network, share best practices, and look for investors. The MCC Team is also developing a cash prize for the winners, though an exact amount has not yet been determined. Participants will also receive free tickets to the MCC 2012 Conference.

What am I required to present?
Participants will have a table upon which they may present whatever materials they feel best convey their project. They should also try to bring an example of their project if possible, though many projects are ones too large or fragile to bring for demonstration. They must be prepared to fully explain:
1. Problem – situation that prompted the design of the Project
2. Project – all dimensions of the project’s design, but especially how it addresses the Problem
3. Results – what effect, if any, did your Project have? What were the lessons learned?

Do I get free tickets to MCC2012?
Yes! Accepted participants will receive free tickets to the 2012 Millennium Campus Conference. You may also register for the Conference here.

Who will be judging the competition?
Leaders from business, engineering, and international development will judge the competition.

Who is eligible to compete?
University enrolled students and recent graduates (within past 5 years). Individuals and teams up to four (4) persons may compete. The students must have created a project that improves and/or impacts quality of life for an impoverished community; they must have themselves designed/developed this project (in other words, they may not have simply implemented a third parties’ design). Teams may have borrowed an idea and created a project from that idea, but they must not have been given someone else’s technology.

What projects are eligible to compete?
All projects must meet the following criteria:
1. The project must improve some aspect of life for an impoverished community. It must be used by the community members themselves, and not the implementing team (for example, a mobile phone app for farmers to check crop prices would be eligible; a sat phone allowing team members to work in remote areas would not be eligible).
2. The project must have been field tested. It is not simply enough to have a theoretically useful project.
3. A project cannot be something that is sold by the target community for profit.
4. The project must be tangible, and cannot be a concept, idea, or new way of thinking. Examples of eligible projects include solar water heaters; computer programs; water pumps and pipes; culturally sensitive surveys. Innovative uses of technologies are useful as well. Examples of ineligible entries include ideas, unproven technologies, logic frames, and media campaigns (though if the technology that distributes that campaign is new and creative, the technology may be eligible).

If you are still unsure if your project is eligible please contact Warren Hagist (

My technology is not new, but I had to be creative to implement it. Am I eligible?
Groups like Engineers without Borders – who implement existing technologies – are eligible to compete. However, they must prove that they designed and developed the Project themselves. The more uniquely innovative and creative technologies will earn more points.

I have an innovative business model that uses old technologies. Am I eligible?

Unfortunately, business models – proven or not – represent new ideas rather than technologies. We are looking for already-developed products.

I’m still not sure if I am eligible. Who do I contact to find out?
This is the first year of the expo, so we are still working things out! If you have any questions about your eligibility, do not hesitate to contact: Warren Hagist (

About Us

The Millennium Campus Network (MCN) is a non-profit network of university student organizations working to end extreme poverty and achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.


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