It’s more than an event. It’s an experience.

1000 Students — 40+ World-Renowned Speakers — 8 Goals — 1 Movement

The Millennium Campus Conference is presented by The Millennium Campus Network. MCC is a conference focused on student organizing around the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. The weekend is designed to provide attendees with the knowledge, skills, inspiration and space for critical self-reflection they need as student leaders to effectively execute their on-campus and overseas projects in the coming year. MCC is also a place for those interested in becoming part of the student movement to end global poverty to learn how they can get involved. MCC 2012 will be held at Northeastern University, September 14-15, 2012. You can learn more about past MCC’s in our history section.

It’s Unique

MCC is the only conference in North America that brings together over 1,000 college students and dozens of leading advocates, professionals and celebrities to discuss the Millennium Development Goals. No other conference gives students the opportunity to learn tangible skills, connect in meaningful ways with their peers and engage directly with global leaders all in one weekend.

It’s Personal

The main focus of MCC is you, your experiences, your challenges and your ideas. Our Pre-Conference Networking Program puts you directly in touch with MCC staff and fellow attendees before the conference begins. Interactive panels and small breakout sessions during the conference give you the chance to have your questions answered. Numerous networking and afterhours events provide you with the opportunity to connect one on one with MCC staff, presenters, and fellow attendees. We are interested in hearing your stories and providing you with the support and motivation you need to kick off the school year.

It’s Productive

One of the primary goals of MCC is ensure you come away with tangible connections, skills and knowledge. This is why our conference program emphasizes hands on and interactive events. From our structured networking lunches to our Career and Internship Fair, you will have numerous opportunities to gain concrete benefits from attending MCC.


“Coming from Nepal, my country experiences the vast gap between the privileged few and the impoverished many, alongside the bitter conflict[s] which are so prevalent around the world today… The MCC gave us the chance to learn new skills from accomplished global leaders, which are necessary in order to positively impact our world.”
Ashish Silwal

“MCC was one of the most inspirational conferences I’ve attended. It was not simply idealistic–it presented real facts, real information, and real potential for the realization of the most “basic truths” that all humans deserve.”
Kelly Behrend

“As activists, we are rarely recognized for the time and effort we put into campaigns, and at the time, I was being told that I needed to find a balance in my life between work and play, and those arguments were sticking to me. After attending MCC, I had the knowledge to ask: whose balance? My joy and confidence comes from activism, and I love it with all my heart. It makes me happy, so who can judge me if it is all that I do? That is not a feeling that I have gotten from any other conference, and I am so grateful to the MCC for restoring the courage of my convictions; the courage to move forward.”
Kate Alexander

About Us

The Millennium Campus Network (MCN) is a non-profit network of university student organizations working to end extreme poverty and achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.


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Millennium Campus Network 2012 - Photo Credit: Ariel DiOrio & Monika Bach